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Title: Visual perceptual and handwriting skills in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder
Authors: Prunty, M
Barnett, AL
Wilmut, K
Plumb, M
Keywords: Motor skills;Visual perception;Visual motor integration;Handwriting;Pausing during writing;Handwriting speed;Legibility
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Human Movement Science, 49: pp. 54-65, (2016)
Abstract: Objective: Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder demonstrate a lack of automaticity in handwriting as measured by pauses during writing. Deficits in visual perception have been proposed in the literature as underlying mechanisms of handwriting difficulties in children with DCD. The aim of this study was to examine whether correlations exist between measures of visual perception and visual motor integration with measures of the handwriting product and process in children with DCD. Method: The performance of twenty-eight 8-14 year-old children who met the DSM-5 criteria for DCD was compared with 28 typically developing (TD) age and gender-matched controls. The children completed the Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration (VMI) and the Test of Visual Perceptual Skills (TVPS). Group comparisons were made, correlations were conducted between the visual perceptual measures and handwriting measures and the sensitivity and specificity examined. Results: The DCD group performed below the TD group on the VMI and TVPS. There were no significant correlations between the VMI or TVPS and any of the handwriting measures in the DCD group. In addition, both tests demonstrated low sensitivity. Conclusion: Clinicians should execute caution in using visual perceptual measures to inform them about handwriting skill in children with DCD.
ISSN: 1872-7646
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