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dc.contributor.authorKassam, TA-
dc.contributor.authorNadendla, H-
dc.contributor.authorLudford, N-
dc.contributor.authorBuisman, I-
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 25(8): pp. 3218–3230, (2016)en_US
dc.description.abstractAlumina-to-alumina-brazed joints were formed using 96.0 and 99.7 wt.% Al2O3 and TICUSIL (68.8Ag- 26.7Cu-4.5Ti wt.%) preforms of different thicknesses. Brazing was conducted in a vacuum of 131025 mbar at 850 C for 10 minutes. Joint strengths were evaluated using four-point bend testing and were compared to flexural strengths of standard test bars. Post-grinding heat treatment, performed at 1550 C for 1 hour, did not affect the average surface roughness or grain size of either grades of alumina but affected their average flexural strengths with a small increase for 96.0 wt.% Al2O3 and a small decrease for 99.7 wt.% Al2O3. As the TICUSIL preform thickness was increased from 50 to 100 lm, the average strengths of both 96.0 and 99.7 wt.% Al2O3 brazed joints improved. Joints made using 100-lm-thick TICUSIL preforms predominantly consisted of Cu-Ti phases which formed due to excess Ti in the interlayers and non-uniform Ag-rich outflow. Brazed joints of 96.0 wt.% Al2O3 made using 100-lm-thick TICUSIL preforms achieved an average joint strength of 238 MPa with consistent failure in the ceramic.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipWe acknowledge the EPSRC and TWI Ltd (EP/K504270/1) for the financial support for this study. We are grateful to Dr. R. Morrell, National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for discussions relating to this work and L. Mills, TWI Ltd for assistance with drawings.en_US
dc.publisherSpringer Verlag (Germany)en_US
dc.subjectAdvanced ceramicsen_US
dc.subjectHeat treatmenten_US
dc.subjectJoint strengthen_US
dc.subjectPreform thicknessen_US
dc.titleThe effect of post-grinding heat treatment of alumina and Ag-Cu-Ti braze preform thickness on the microstructure and mechanical properties of alumina-to-alumina brazed jointsen_US
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