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Title: An assessment of the bioaccumulation of estrone in Daphnia magna
Authors: Gomes, RL
Deacon, HE
Lai, KM
Birkett, JW
Scrimshaw, MD
Lester, JN
Keywords: Estrone;Daphnia magna;Biomagnification;Bioconcentration;Chlorella vulgaris
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Allen Press Publishing Services
Citation: Gomes, R.L., Deacon, H.E., Lai, K.M., Birkett, J.W., Scrimshaw, M.D. and Lester, J.N. (2004). An assessment of the bioaccumulation of estrone in Daphnia magna. Environ. Toxicol. Chem., 23, 105-108
Abstract: The bioaccumulation of estrone by Daphnia magna was determined. Direct uptake via the aqueous medium occurred within the first 16 hours. A bioconcentration factor of 228 was established over all temporal periods. Ingestion via Chlorella vulgaris gave a partitioning factor of 24 which may approximate to a biomagnification factor assuming steady state conditions. These preliminary results indicate that the partitioning to Daphnia magna via the food source, Chorella vulgaris is less significant than bioconcentration.
ISSN: 0730-7268
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