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Title: Unexpected tissue and the biobank that closed: An exploration of value and the momentariness of bio-objectification processes
Authors: Stephens, N
Dimond, R
Keywords: Biobanking;Bio-objectification;Bio-objects;Value;Waste;Closure;Momentariness
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer International Publishing Ltd
Citation: Life Sciences, Society and Policy, 11:14, (2015)
Abstract: Unanticipated situations can arise in biobanking. This paper empirically documents unexpected situations at the anonymous biobank ‘Xbank’. Firstly, Xbank received an unexpected and significant quantity of tissue from the historical archive of a hospital network. Secondly, Xbank had its funding withdrawn before the designated end date for the grant, meaning the bank needed to either re-house or destroy its holdings. This paper articulates and uses the theoretical frameworks of bio-objectification and tissue economies to analyse the experiences of Xbank and draw out further implications of the potential precariousness of biobanking practice. The case study allows an inspection of how the value of tissue is configured and reconfigured as institutional contexts shift. We introduce the notion of momentariness as a way of grappling with the related temporariness and perpetualness of biobanking practice in both a theoretical and practical policy context.
ISSN: 2195-7819
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