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Title: Provenance of clay minerals in the sediments from the pliocene productive series, western south caspian basin
Authors: Abdullayev, E
Leroy, SAG
Keywords: Clay minerals;Provenance;South Caspian sea
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Marine and Petroleum Geology, 73, pp. 517 - 527, (2016)
Abstract: The research work presents clay mineral composition in the sediment of the Pliocene Productive Series from western South Caspian Basin and identify potential source areas for the different research regions. The Productive Series is a main reservoir unit in the South Caspian Basin and divided into a lower division and an upper division. The clay mineral assemblages document coinciding changes in provenance. At the time of the deposition of the Lower Division, the Russian Platform was a potential source area for the Absheron Peninsula and drained by Palaeo-Volga River. However, at the time deposition of the Upper Division three different sediment source could be identified for the three research areas: Absheron Peninsula – the Russian Platform was drained by the Palaeo-Volga; South Absheron Offshore Zone – the Greater Caucasus was drained by the Palaeo Samur River; Baku Archipelago – the Lesser Caucasus was drained by the Palaeo-Kura River.
ISSN: 0264-8172
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