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Title: Geophysical and geochemical study of geropotamos aquifer in the north-central coast of crete, Greece. Conference poster at Near Surface Geoscience 2014,
Authors: Kalisperi, D
Soupios, P
Kershaw, S
Kouli, M
Barsukov, P
Vallianatos, F
Lydakis-Simintaris, N
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: 20th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Athens, Greece, 14 - 18 Sept 2014
Abstract: The geological setting of Geropotamos aquifer on the northcentral coast of Crete, Greece, is considered complex, while the local tectonic regime of the study area is characterized by two sets of faults orientated NW-SE and NE-SW. Investigation of the aquifer using the Transient ElectroMagnetic method (TEM) has resulted initially in 1D models of geoelectric structures and a final 3D geoelectrical model was constructed, depicting the zones of salination of groundwater in the aquifer. Groundwater samples were analysed and the most important chemical parameters were determined to provide an independent dataset for comparison with the TEM results, while Groundwater Quality Maps were produced. TEM and geochemical data correspond and provide verification of the TEM approach. As a result, saline intrusion is likely to occur along fractures in a fault zone through bedrock, and this work emphasises the critical role of fracture pathways in salination problems of coastal aquifers.
ISBN: 9789462820272
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