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Title: Survey of multiscale and multiphysics applications and communities
Authors: Groen, D
Zasada, SJ
Coveney, PV
Keywords: Application review;Coupling toolkits;Multiscale communities;Multiscale computing;Multiscale software;Scientific computing
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Computing in Science and Engineering, 16(2): pp. 34 - 43, (2014)
Abstract: Multiscale and multiphysics applications are now commonplace, and many researchers focus on combining existing models to construct new multiscale models. This concise review of multiscale applications and their source communities in the EU and US outlines differences and commonalities among approaches and identifies areas in which collaboration between disciplines could be particularly beneficial. Because different communities adopt very different approaches to constructing multiscale simulations, and simulations on a length scale of a few meters and a time scale of a few hours can be found in many multiscale research domains, communities might receive additional benefit from sharing methods that are geared towards these scales. The Web extra is the full literature list mentioned in the article.
ISSN: 1521-9615
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