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Title: Manufacturing cement-based materials and building products via extrusion: From laboratory to factory
Authors: Zhou, X
Li, Z
Keywords: Concrete technology & manufacture;Materials technology;Sustainability
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Thomas Telford
Citation: Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers - Civil Engineering,168, (6): pp. 11-16 , (2015)
Abstract: Manufacturing is critical to the economies of the UK and many other countries in the rest of the world. However, manufacturing of cement-based materials and building products predominantly remains based on old batch processing such as casting and pressing technologies and this may limit the applications and performance of the materials and products formed. In this paper, research is reported on transforming manufacturing of precast cement-based materials and building products from in batches to continuous processes via extrusion. Techniques used for producing plastic products are transferred into manufacturing cement-based building products like flat and corrugated sheet tiles, down pipes, door/window frames, door panels, solid wall/facade panels, honeycomb wall/facade panels etc. at laboratory and factory scales. In combination with sustainable cementitious materials with low carbon and low energy as matrix, this enables sustainable building products with key characteristics required by the 21st century can be manufactured via extrusion. The cement-based building products extrusion technique has been successfully transferred to industry. For instance, fibre reinforced cement-based partition wall panels, with a honeycomb cross section as large as 600 mm wide and 90 mm high, have been produced by a continuous extrusion process in a precast concrete products factory in Hangzhou, China.
ISSN: 0965-089X
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