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Title: Distributed multiscale computing with MUSCLE 2, the Multiscale Coupling Library and Environment
Authors: Borgdorff, J
Mamonski, M
Bosak, B
Kurowski, K
Ben Belgacem, M
Chopard, B
Groen, D
Coveney, PV
Hoekstra, AG
Keywords: Distributed multiscale computing;Multiscale modelling;Model coupling;Execution environment;MUSCLE
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Journal of Computational Science, 5(5): pp. 719 - 731, (2014)
Abstract: We present the Multiscale Coupling Library and Environment: MUSCLE 2. This multiscale component-based execution environment has a simple to use Java, C++, C, Python and Fortran API, compatible with MPI, OpenMP and threading codes. We demonstrate its local and distributed computing capabilities and compare its performance to MUSCLE 1, file copy, MPI, MPWide, and GridFTP. The local throughput of MPI is about two times higher, so very tightly coupled code should use MPI as a single submodel of MUSCLE 2; the distributed performance of GridFTP is lower, especially for small messages. We test the performance of a canal system model with MUSCLE 2, where it introduces an overhead as small as 5% compared to MPI.
ISSN: 1877-7503
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