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Title: Tree Contraction, Connected Components, Minimum Spanning Trees: a GPU Path to Vertex Fitting
Authors: Lopes, RHC
Reid, ID
Hobson, PR
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Verlag Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
Citation: GPU Computing in High-Energy Physics Conference, Pisa, Italy, pp. 30-35, (10-12 September 2014)
Abstract: Standard parallel computing operations are considered in the context of algorithms for solving 3D graph problems which have applications, e.g., in vertex finding in HEP. Exploiting GPUs for tree-accumulation and graph algorithms is challenging: GPUs offer extreme computational power and high memory-access bandwidth, combined with a model of fine-grained parallelism perhaps not suiting the irregular distribution of linked representations of graph data structures. Achieving data-race free computations may demand serialization through atomic transactions, inevitably producing poor parallel performance. A Minimum Spanning Tree algorithm for GPUs is presented, its implementation discussed, and its efficiency evaluated on GPU and multicore architectures.
ISBN: 978-3-935702-92-8
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