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Title: Minimizing energy consumption and makespan in a two-machine flowshop scheduling problem
Authors: Mansouri, SA
Aktas, E
Keywords: Scheduling;Production;Energy consumption;Multi-objective;Heuristics;Genetic algorithms
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Citation: Journal of the Operational Research Society, (2016)
Abstract: Energy consumption has become a key concern for manufacturing sector due to negative environmental impact of operations. We develop constructive heuristics and multi-objective genetic algorithms (MOGA) for a two-machine sequence dependent permutation owshop problem to address the trade-o between energy consumption as a measure of sustainability and makespan as a measure of service level. We leverage the variable speed of operations to develop energy efficient schedules that minimize total energy consumption and makespan. Because minimization of energy consumption and minimization of makespan are conflicting objectives, the solutions to this problem constitute a Pareto frontier. We compare the performance of constructive heuristics and MOGAs with CPLEX and random search in a wide range of problem instances. The results show that MOGAs hybridized with constructive heuristics outperform regular MOGA and heuristics alone in terms of quality and cardinality of Pareto Frontier. We provide production planners with new and scalable solution techniques that will enable them to make informed decisions considering energy consumption together with service objectives in shop floor scheduling.
ISSN: 1476-9360
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