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Title: A great american scholar of the Royal Navy? The disputed legacy of arthur marder revisited
Authors: Seligmann, M
Keywords: Arthur Marder;Naval history;Admiralty records;Revisionism
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: International History Review, 38 (5): (2016)
Abstract: This article examines the scholarly reputation of the late Professor Arthur J. Marder. Once universally acclaimed as the doyen of historians of the Royal Navy in the First World War era, in recent times his work has come in for sustained criticism from a small group of revisionist historians, who not only dispute his conclusions, but argue that his entire methodology and approach was fundamentally flawed. This article assesses the specific charges of inadequate scholarship levelled against Marder by these revisionist historians and concludes that, while aspects of Marder’s analysis may well be open to dispute, there are no grounds for attacking his scholarly integrity. On the contrary, he thoroughly deserves his reputation as a pioneering and painstaking scholar.
ISSN: 0707-5332
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