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Title: Thermodynamics Calculation of Extra Mn Addition in the Recycling of Al-Si-Cu Aluminium Alloys
Authors: Ji, S
Gao, F
Fan, Z
Keywords: Aluminium alloys;Thermodynamics;Phase formation;Materials recycling;Iron removal
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: ICAA 15, ChongQing, China,12-16 July 2016
Abstract: Iron contamination from scrapped materials is always a problem in producing high quality secondary aluminium alloys. Consequently, the iron removal during recycling of aluminium alloys is essential and important in industrial practice. This work aims to study the effect of extra Mn addition on the effectiveness and efficiency of iron removal during recycling. The thermodynamics assessment was carried out for Al-Si-Cu alloys to find out the variation of balanced iron and manganese in the liquid melt and in the sediment solid Fe-rich intermetallics with different levels of extra Mn addition. The effect of alloy composition and processing temperatures was investigated. The findings help to understand the capability and fundamentals of iron removal in aluminium alloys.
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