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Title: The role of smart sensor networks for voltage monitoring in smart grids
Authors: Vaccaro, A
Zobaa, AF
Zeineldin, HH
Støa, P
Keywords: Distributed generation;Voltage monitoring;Smart grids;Sensors
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: 3rd European Conference on Smart Grids and E-Mobility, Munich, Germany, (17-18 October 2011)
Abstract: The large-scale deployment of the Smart Grid paradigm will support the evolution of conventional electrical power systems toward active, flexible and self-healing web energy networks composed of distributed and cooperative energy resources. In a Smart Grid platform, distributed voltage monitoring is one of the main issues to address. In this field, the application of traditional hierarchical monitoring paradigms has some disadvantages that could hinder their application in Smart Grids where the constant growth of grid complexity and the need for massive pervasion of Distribution Generation Systems (DGS) require more scalable, more flexible control and regulation paradigms. To try to overcome these challenges, this paper proposes the concept of a decentralized non-hierarchal voltage monitoring architecture based on intelligent and cooperative smart entities. These devices employ traditional sensors to acquire local bus variables and mutually coupled oscillators to assess the main variables describing the global grid state.
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