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Title: 12CaO.7Al2O3 ceramic: A review of the electronic and optoelectronic applications in display devices
Authors: Feizi, E
Ray, AK
Keywords: C12A7;FED;LED;FET;Phosphor;Emitter;Conductivity
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Citation: Journal of Display Technology, 12(5): pp. 451 - 459, (2016)
Abstract: The alumina-based compound, 12CaO.7Al2O3, is a ceramic material with a unique cage-like lattice. Such a structure has enabled scientists to extract various new characteristics from this compound, most of which were unknown until quite recently. This compound has the ability to incorporate different anionic species and even electrons to the empty space inside its cages, thereby changing from an insulator into a conductive oxide. The cage walls can also incorporate different rare earth phosphor elements producing an oxide-based phosphor. All these characteristics are obtained without a significant change in the structure of the lattice. It is, therefore, reasonable to expect that this compound will receive attention as a potential material for display applications. This review article presents recent investigations into the application of 12CaO.7Al2O3 ceramic in various display devices, the challenges, opportunities and possible areas of future investigation into the development of this naturally abundant and environmental friendly material in the field of display.
ISSN: 1558-9323
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