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Title: Investigation and development of a framework for medical waste management
Authors: Alhadlaq, Abdullah, Abdulaziz
Advisors: Balachandran, W
Keywords: Waste management;Medical waste;Biohazard waste;Waste generation;Waste management regulations
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Brunel University London
Abstract: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the golf states and one of the richest oil producing countries. Saudi population is nearly 27million; in addition, Saudi Arabia receives millions of people from around the world for Islamic pilgrimages. Moreover, Saudi is hosting hundreds of thousands of international professionals and labourers. Hence, the country infrastructure and services have been in the top agenda to be modernized in order to cope with new demand for better quality of life for a rich country. The healthcare sector is one of the key sectors which requires a special on going attention, particularly medically generated waste. Therefore, this research work has been conducted to investigate the status of medical waste management in the capital city; Riyadh. The prime aim of this research work is to propose a strategic framework which can be used as a roadmap for the different stakeholders. This will contribute to the enforcement of better handling and treatment of medical waste and more importantly prevent and control the spread of diseases or harm might be caused by poor handling of medical waste. The aim of the research has been achieved through; the critical review and analysis of the relevant literature, which has revealed the noticeable gap and lack of scientific studies of the proposed field. Appropriately, the findings of the research has contributed to filling the gap of the knowledge as well as serving as a milestone for further research work in this very important field. By surveying Riyadh’s hospitals and other national and international reports has. This allowed the presentation of the facts and indications of the current status of medical waste in Riyadh City. To obtain in-depth knowledge and gather the important findings concerning the medical waste management, focused; interviews of different medical professionals from various hospitals were conducted. This research has revealed more important factors that need to be addressed. These findings were used to propose the framework, which has been formed to enable resolving the challenges of the integration, of the awareness element though Islamic principles, within the Saudi system. The proposed framework has been evaluated by committee of medical professionals and has been accepted as good roadmap and appropriate solution that address the main aim of this research work. Finally, the research work is just a step towards the establishment of a proper biomedical waste management system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Some recommendations for future implementation are suggested at the end of this thesis.
Description: This thesis was submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy and was awarded by Brunel University London.
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