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Title: SBOL Visual: A graphical language for genetic designs.
Authors: Quinn, JY
Cox, RS
Adler, A
Beal, J
Bhatia, S
Cai, Y
Chen, J
Clancy, K
Galdzicki, M
Hillson, NJ
Le Novère, N
Maheshwari, AJ
McLaughlin, JA
Myers, CJ
P, U
Pocock, M
Rodriguez, C
Soldatova, L
Stan, GB
Swainston, N
Wipat, A
Sauro, HM
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: PLoS Biol, 2015, 13 (12), (2015)
Abstract: Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) Visual is a graphical standard for genetic engineering. It consists of symbols representing DNA subsequences, including regulatory elements and DNA assembly features. These symbols can be used to draw illustrations for communication and instruction, and as image assets for computer-aided design. SBOL Visual is a community standard, freely available for personal, academic, and commercial use (Creative Commons CC0 license). We provide prototypical symbol images that have been used in scientific publications and software tools. We encourage users to use and modify them freely, and to join the SBOL Visual community:
ISSN: 1545-7885
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