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Title: Comparison between low-order and high-order acoustic pressure solvers for bubbly media computations
Authors: Lebon, GSB
Tzanakis, I
Pericleous, K
Eskin, D
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 656 (4), (2015)
Abstract: Numerical modelling is a useful tool for the fundamental study of acoustic cavitation treatment in liquid metals. This treatment, also known as ultrasonic melt processing, significantly improves the properties and quality of metallic materials. However, the mechanisms leading to these observed improvements are still unclear and a fundamental study of cavitation treatment is required to understand this process. In this endeavour, this paper compares the use of high-order discretization schemes for solving acoustic pressures in cavitating liquids with its low-order counterpart. A fourth order scheme is shown to be more stable and accurate than a second order scheme when taking into account the acceleration of bubbles before their collapse, and is recommended for the full cavitation modelling of acoustic treatment of liquid metals.
ISSN: 1742-6588
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