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Title: Power quality issues of 3MW direct-driven PMSG wind turbine
Authors: Ahmed, IA
Zobaa, AF
Taylor, GA
Keywords: PMSG;Variable Speed Wind Turbine System;Back to Back Converter Control;Power Quality
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), pp. 1 - 4, Stoke On Trent, United Kingdom, 1-4 September (2015)
Abstract: This paper presents power quality issues of a grid connected wind generation system with a MW-class direct-driven permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). A variable speed wind turbine model was simulated and developed with the simulation tool of PSCAD/EMTDC. The model includes a wind turbine with one mass-model drive train model, a PMSG model and a full-scale voltage source back to back PWM converter. The converter controller model is employed in the dq-synchronous rotating reference frame and applied to both generator and grid sides. To achieve maximum power point tracking, a tip speed ratio method is applied in machine side, whereas DC voltage control is applied in grid side to achieve constant DC voltage. Due to wind fluctuation and power oscillation as a result of wind shear and tower shadow effects (3p), there will be a fluctuation in the output power and voltage. The concerned power quality issues in this work are Harmonics, power fluctuation and flicker emission. The measurements will be carried out under different wind speed and circumstances.
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