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Title: Optimal packetisation of MPEG-4 using RTP over mobile networks
Authors: Worrall, ST
Sadka, AH
Sweeney, P
Kondoz, AM
Keywords: Optimal packetisation;MPEG-4;RTP;Mobile networks;Third-generation wireless networks;Real-time mobile video communications;Real-time transport protocol;Packetisation;Channel utilisation;Error robustness;Data encapsulation;GPRS;General packet radio service;Motion adaptive system;Video packet sizes;Adaptive system
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: IET
Citation: IEE Proceedings - Communications 148 (4): 197-201, Aug 2001
Abstract: The introduction of third-generation wireless networks should result in real-time mobile video communications becoming a reality. Delivery of such video is likely to be facilitated by the realtime transport protocol (RTP). Careful packetisation of the video data is necessary to ensure the optimal trade-off between channel utilisation and error robustness. Theoretical analyses for two basic schemes of MPEG-4 data encapsulation within RTP packets are presented. Simulations over a GPRS (general packet radio service) network are used to validate the analysis of the most efficient scheme. Finally, a motion adaptive system for deriving MPEG-4 video packet sizes is presented. Further simulations demonstrate the benefits of the adaptive system.
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