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Title: Equivalent air spring suspension model for quarter-passive model of passenger vehicles
Authors: Abid, HJ
Chen, J
Nassar, AA
Keywords: Air spring suspension;GENSIS;SIMULINK;OptiY optimization;passive suspension system
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Citation: International Scholarly Research Notices, 2015: 974020, (2015)
Abstract: This paper investigates the GENSIS air spring suspension system equivalence to a passive suspension system. The SIMULINK simulation together with the OptiY optimization is used to obtain the air spring suspension model equivalent to passive suspension system, where the car body response difference from both systems with the same road profile inputs is used as the objective function for optimization (OptiY program). The parameters of air spring system such as initial pressure, volume of bag, length of surge pipe, diameter of surge pipe, and volume of reservoir are obtained from optimization. The simulation results show that the air spring suspension equivalent system can produce responses very close to the passive suspension system.
ISSN: 2356-7872
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