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Title: Anti-racist social work in a 'post-race society'? Interrogating the amorphous 'other'
Authors: Rajan-Rankin, S
Keywords: Post-race;Embodiment;Anti racist social work
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Policy Press
Citation: Critical and Radical Social Work, 3(2): pp. 207 - 220, ( 2015)
Abstract: Anti-racist social work is at a crossroads: while on the one hand, racial binaries such as black/white, us/other and slave/master can be useful political tools to understand institutional racism, current contexts of multiculturalism raise questions about the continued relevance of race as a category for analysis. 'Newer' forms of racialised identities are emerging that need to be incorporated into a broader conceptualisation of non-colour-based race theory. In this article, these contradictions are explicated through a phenomenological study of embodied reflections on race, ethnicity and self-identity among social work students. Frantz Fanon's 'fact of blackness' provides an epistemic guide to this phenomenological study, providing a multi-layered examination of social work students' experiential accounts of their embodied identities, their colour, race, blackness, whiteness and sexuality and what this means for self-identity. Tentative student discourses provide powerful insights into the urgent need for a radical turn in (re)locating culture and race studies in the social work curriculum.
ISSN: 2049-8608
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