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Title: Matlab symbolic circuit analysis and simulation tool ming PSpice netlist for circuits optimization
Authors: Ushie, OJ
Abbod, M
Ashigwuike, E
Keywords: Matlab simulation;PSpice netlist;Small signal analysis;Electronic circuits;Symbolic circuit analysis
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation, 5(2): 75 - 86, (2015)
Abstract: This paper presents new Matlab symbolic circuit analysis and simulation (MSCAM) tool that make uses of netlist from PSpice to generate matrices. These matrices can be used to calculate circuit parameters or for optimization. The tool can handle active and passive components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, operational amplifiers, and transistors. The transistors are converted into small signal analysis and operational amplifiers make use of the small signal analysis which can easily be implemented in a program as explained in the main work. Five examples are used to illustrate the potential of the approach. Results presented are similar when compared to PSpice simulation. This approach can handle larger matrix dimension compared to symbolic circuit analysis tool (SCAM).
ISSN: 2223-5329
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