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Title: Virtual viewpoint three-dimensional panorama
Authors: Audu, A
Sadka, AH
Keywords: Binocular vision;Panoramic images;Cylindrical warping;3D depth e ect;Anaglyph
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: International Journal of Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology, 4(6): pp. 9 - 25, ( 2014)
Abstract: Conventional panoramic images are known to provide for an enhanced field of view in which the scene always has a fixed appearance. The idea presented in this paper focuses on the use of the concept of virtual viewpoint creation to generate different panoramic images of the same scene with three-dimensional component. Three-dimensional effect in a resultant panorama is realized by superimposing a stereo-pair of panoramic images.
ISSN: 2231-3117
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