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Title: Dynamic Threshold Analysis of Daily Oxygen Saturation for Improved Management of COPD Patients
Authors: Clarke, M
Gokalp, H
Fursse, J
Jones, RW
Keywords: Remote patient monitoring;Telehealth;SpO2
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (J-BHI)
Abstract: This study presents a novel dynamic threshold algorithm that is applied to daily self-measured SpO2 data for management of COPD patients in remote patient monitoring to improve accuracy of detection of exacerbation. Conventional approaches based on a fixed threshold applied to a single SpO2 reading to detect deterioration in patient condition are known to have poor accuracy and result in high false alarm rates. This study develops and evaluates use of a dynamic threshold algorithm to reduce false alarm rates. Daily data from four COPD patients with a record of clinical interventions during the period were selected for analysis. We model the SpO2 time series data as a combination of a trend and a stochastic component (residual). We estimate the long-term trend using a locally weighed least squares (low-pass) filter over a long-term processing window. Results show that the time evolution of the long-term trend indicated exacerbation with improved accuracy compared to a fixed threshold in our study population. Deterioration in the condition of a patient also resulted in an increase in the standard deviation of the residual (σres), from 2% or less when the patient is in a healthy condition to 4% or more when condition deteriorates. Statistical analysis of the residuals showed they had a normal distribution when the condition of the patient was stable but had a long tail on the lower side during deterioration.
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