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Title: Optimal passive filter design for effective utilization of cables and transformers under non-sinusoidal conditions
Authors: Aleem, SHEA
Balci, ME
Zobaa, AF
Sakar, S
Keywords: C-type filters;Cable ampacity;Harmonic distortion;Non-sinusoidal conditions;Optimal filter design
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Proceedings of International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power, ICHQP, 2014, pp. 626 - 630, Bucharest, (25-28 May 2014)
Abstract: Transformers and cables have overheating and reduced loading capabilities under non-sinusoidal conditions due to the fact that their losses increases with not only rms value but also frequency of the load current. In this paper, it is aimed to employ passive filters for effective utilization of the cables and transformers in the harmonically contaminated power systems. To attain this goal, an optimal passive filter design approach is provided to maximize the power factor definition, which takes into account frequency-dependent losses of the power transmission and distribution equipment, under non-sinusoidal conditions. The obtained simulation results show that the proposed approach has a considerable advantage on the reduction of the total transmission loss and the transformer loading capability under non-sinusoidal conditions when compared to the traditional optimal filter design approach, which aims to maximize classical power factor definition. On the other hand, for the simulated system cases, both approaches lead to almost the same current carrying (or loading) capability value of the cables. © 2014 IEEE.
ISBN: 9781467364874
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