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Title: Trombe walls with nanoporous aerogel insulation applied to UK housing refurbishments
Authors: Dowson, M
Harrison, D
Dehouche, Z
Keywords: Energy harvesting;Nanoporous insulation;Passivhaus;Silica aerogel;Solar wall
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Ltd.
Citation: International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials, 5(4): 283 - 303, (2014)
Abstract: There is an opportunity to improve the efficiency of passive Trombe walls and active solar air collectors by replacing their conventional glass covers with lightweight polycarbonate panels filled with nanoporous aerogel insulation. This study investigates the thermal performance, energy savings, and financial payback period of passive Aerogel Trombe walls applied to the existing UK housing stock. Using parametric modeling, a series of design guidance tables have been generated, providing estimates of the energy savings and overheating risk associated with applying areas of Trombe wall to four different house types across the UK built to six notional construction standards. Calculated energy savings range from 183 kWh/m2/year for an 8 m2 system retrofitted to a solid walled detached house to 62 kWh/m2/year for a 32 m2 system retrofitted to a super insulated flat. Predicted energy savings from Trombe walls up to 24 m2 are found to exceed the energy savings from external insulation across all house types and constructions. Small areas of Trombe wall can provide a useful energy contribution without creating a significant overheating risk. If larger areas are to be installed, then detailed calculations would be recommended to assess and mitigate potential overheating issues.
ISSN: 1947-5411
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