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Title: Optimal sizing of C-type passive filters under non-sinusoidal conditions
Authors: Mohamed, IF
Abdel Aleem, SHE
Ibrahim, AM
Zobaa, AF
Keywords: Harmonic distortion analysis;Optimization;Passive filters;Power quality;Power systems harmonics
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Citation: Energy Technology & Policy, 1(1): 35 - 44, (2014)
Abstract: In the literature, much attention has been focused on power system harmonics. One of its important effects is degradation of the load power factor. In this article, a C-type filter is used for reducing harmonic distortion, improving system performance, and compensating reactive power in order to improve the load power factor while taking into account economic considerations. Optimal sizing of the C-type filter parameters based on maximization of the load power factor as an objective function is determined. The total installation cost of the C-type filter and that of the conventional shunt (single-tuned) passive filter are comparatively evaluated. Background voltage and load current harmonics are taken into account. Recommendations defined in IEEE standards 519-1992 and 18-2002 are taken as the main constraints in this study. The presented design is tested using four numerical cases taken from previous publications, and the proposed filter results are compared with those of other published techniques. The results validate that the performance of the C-type passive filter as a low-pass filter is acceptable, especially in the case of lower short-circuit capacity systems. The C-type filter may achieve the same power factor with a lower total installation cost than a single-tuned passive filter.
ISSN: 2331-7000
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