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Title: Combined power system planning and policy proposition for future electric vehicle charging infrastructure
Authors: Bhavanam, Yaminidhar Reddy
Advisors: Taylor G
Keywords: Transformer loading;Electrical transient analyser program;Competitive benchmarking;Incentive;Voltage variation
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Brunel University London
Abstract: In order to achieve the UK Government’s legally bound framework of greenhouse gas reduction targets, the transport sector is undergoing drastic changes. The key action taken by the Department of Transport in addressing the issue was the introduction of Ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV) concept. Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) was introduced to support early market for ULEV and development of efficient recharging network through Plugged-in Places programme. The massive deployment of EV charging stations across GB will have direct impact on GB power system as they require electricity supply for their operation. It is therefore deemed necessary to carry out investigations on the capacity of the network assets to handle this load and to develop policies to manage the future EV charging infrastructure efficiently. This thesis provides an overview of the EV technology introducing various technicalities behind EVs and the associated charging stations. The extended theory about interoperability between EVs and power networks is also presented. Investigation of an 11kV networked site and 66/11 kV networked area is performed to determine their potential in accommodating future EV charging infrastructure. A methodology has been proposed to carry out investigations in 11kV networked site. For analysis purpose both the real networks are modelled in detail using power system analysis software Electrical Transient Analyzer Programme (ETAP). Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) and Northern Power Grid (NPG) are the owners of the distribution networks respectively. Collaboration with DNOs has taken place to collect the existing network data. Finally, a university based EV charging bays management policy has been proposed.
Description: This thesis was submitted for the award of Master of Philosophy and was awarded by Brunel University London
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