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Title: Non-thermal plasma technology for the abatement of NOx and SOx from the exhaust of marine diesel engine
Authors: Manivannan, N
Balachandran, W
Beleca, R
Abbod, M
Keywords: Non-Thermal Plasma;Pollution control;Marine diesel emission control;Abatement of NOx and SOx;Electron beam plasma;Microwave plasma
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: IACSIT Press
Citation: Journal of Clean Energy Technologies, 2(3): 233 - 236, (July 2014)
Abstract: Non-thermal plasma based technology is proposed to the abatement of NOx and SOx of the exhaust gas from marine diesel engine. Proposed technology uses electron gun and microwave energy to generate the plasma. Fundamentals of non-thermal plasma and chemistry are presented with a set of simulation results of the reduction of NOx and SO2 for a typical two stoke marine diesel exhaust engine which is supported by an experimental results obtained with microwave plasma. A new scheme is also proposed in this paper to generate required plasma for the treatment of NOx and SOx form high exhaust flow rate.
ISSN: 1793-821X
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