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Title: A systematic review and meta-analyses of the potential local economic impact of tourism and leisure cycling and the development of an evidence-based market segmentation
Authors: Weed, M
Bull, C
Brown, M
Dowse, S
Lovell, J
Mansfield, L
Wellard, I
Keywords: Cycling tourism;Sports tourism;Systematic review;Meta-analysis;Economic impact
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Cognizant Communication Corporation
Citation: Tourism Review International,18(1-2): 37 - 55, (2014)
Abstract: Through a systematic review and meta-analyses of worldwide evidence, this article provides estimates for spend per person per day of overnight (£43.33), non-overnight (£7.95), and all (£13.38) tourism and leisure cyclists. A further meta-analysis to inform local policy, provision, and local economic impact strategies provides evidence for seven tourism and leisure cycling market segments (Near Residents, Far Residents, Near Day Trippers, Far Day Trippers, Near Holidayers, Far Holidayers, Cycle Tourers), and their associated behaviors and spending patterns. Over three quarters of economic activity attributable to tourism and leisure cycling (77%) is shown to be derived from cycling tourism, thus representing additional local economic impact. In conclusion, the use of market segmentation to derive local economic impact estimates is discussed. The importance of considering how far cycling tourism affects trip decisions, rather than whether cycling tourism is the prime trip purpose, is highlighted in deriving robust economic impact estimates. Finally, because the Cycle Tourers market segment contributes less than 2% of market volume and value, future research might usefully focus on less dedicated but more prevalent casual recreationalist cyclists, who are interested in shorter trips, with more stops for refreshments and socializing, and who often travel in family groups.
ISSN: 1544-2721
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