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Title: Of “raisins” and “yeast”: mobilisation and framing in the East German revolution of 1989
Authors: Dale, G
Keywords: East Germany;1989;Street protests;Civic groups
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe, 17(3): 271 - 283, (17 Dec 2009)
Abstract: There is no shortage of literature on the social movements that arose in East Germany in 1989. Numerous studies have shed light upon the nature, scale and dynamics of the uprising of that year. But on certain issues questions remain. No consensus exists, for example, on the relationship between the “civic groups” (New Forum, Democratic Awakening, etc.) and the street protests of the autumn of 1989. Were these simply two facets of a single movement? Or are they better characterised as two distinct streams within the same movement delta? Did the street protests push the civic movement activists into the limelight? Or is it more accurate to say, with Reinfried Musch, that “the civic movement brought the people onto the streets”?1 This paper considers two contrasting interpretations of these issues, and finds both wanting. An alternative interpretation is offered, one that draws upon Marc Steinberg's “dialogical” development of frame theory.
ISSN: 0965-156X
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