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Title: On Completeness of Groups of Diffeomorphisms
Authors: Bruveris, M
Vialard, FX
Keywords: math.DG;58D05, 58B20;math.AP
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: 2014
Abstract: We study completeness properties of the Sobolev diffeomorphism groups $\mathcal D^s(M)$ endowed with strong right-invariant Riemannian metrics when the underlying manifold $M$ is $\mathbb R^d$ or compact without boundary. The main result is that for $s > \dim M/2 + 1$, the group $\mathcal D^s(M)$ is geodesically and metrically complete with a surjective exponential map. We also extend the result to its closed subgroups, in particular the group of volume preserving diffeomorphisms and the group of symplectomorphisms. We then present the connection between the Sobolev diffeomorphism group and the large deformation matching framework in order to apply our results to diffeomorphic image matching.
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