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Title: Monitoring the CMS strip tracker readout system
Authors: Mersi, S
Bainbridge, R
Baulieu, G
Bel, S
Cole, J
Cripps, N
Delaere, C
Drouhin, F
Fulcher, J
Giassi, A
Gross, L
Hahn, K
Mirabito, L
Nikolic, M
Tkaczyk, S
Wingham, M
Keywords: Accelerators, beams and electromagnetism;Nuclear physics;Instrumentation and measurement;Particle physics and field theory
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IOP Publishing LTD
Citation: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2008, 119 (Part 2)
Abstract: The CMS Silicon Strip Tracker at the LHC comprises a sensitive area of approximately 200 m2 and 10 million readout channels. Its data acquisition system is based around a custom analogue front-end chip. Both the control and the readout of the front-end electronics are performed by off-detector VME boards in the counting room, which digitise the raw event data and perform zero-suppression and formatting. The data acquisition system uses the CMS online software framework to configure, control and monitor the hardware components and steer the data acquisition. The first data analysis is performed online within the official CMS reconstruction framework, which provides many services, such as distributed analysis, access to geometry and conditions data, and a Data Quality Monitoring tool based on the online physics reconstruction. The data acquisition monitoring of the Strip Tracker uses both the data acquisition and the reconstruction software frameworks in order to provide real-time feedback to shifters on the operational state of the detector, archiving for later analysis and possibly trigger automatic recovery actions in case of errors. Here we review the proposed architecture of the monitoring system and we describe its software components, which are already in place, the various monitoring streams available, and our experiences of operating and monitoring a large-scale system.
ISSN: 022028
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