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Title: Families of pure PEPS with efficiently simulatable local hidden variable models for most measurements
Authors: Anwar, H
Jevtic, S
Rudolph, O
Virmani, S
Keywords: Quantum physics
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Cornell University
Citation: arXiv:1412.3780v2 [quant-ph], (2014)
Abstract: An important problem in quantum information theory is to understand what makes entangled quantum systems non-local or hard to simulate efficiently. In this work we consider situations in which various parties have access to a restricted set of measurements on their particles, and construct entangled quantum states that are essentially classical for those measurements. In particular, given any set of local measurements on a large enough Hilbert space whose dual strictly contains (i.e. contains an open neighborhood of) a pure state, we use the PEPS formalism and ideas from generalized probabilistic theories to construct pure multiparty entangled states that have (a) local hidden variable models, and (b) can be efficiently simulated classically. We believe that the examples we construct cannot be efficiently classically simulated using previous techniques. Without the restriction on the measurements, the states that we construct are non-local, and in some proof-of-principle cases are universal for measurement based quantum computation.
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