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Title: Transient stability analysis using potential energy indices for determining critical generator sets
Authors: Saunders, CS
Alamuti, MM
Taylor, GA
Keywords: Power system transient stability;Potential energy indices;Transient analysis;Stability criteria
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: 2014 IEEE PES General Meeting - Conference & Exposition: 1 - 5, National Harbor, MD, (27-31 July 2014)
Abstract: In this paper, we propose the enhancement of existing power system stability analysis techniques through the use of a proposed set of potential energy indices, applied for observing the separation of generators into critical sets during transient events. This proposed potential-energy-based description of system transient stability behavior permits the formation of a critical generator cutset, which is then used in a quantitative single machine equivalent (SIME) energy-function analysis of system stability. The derivation of the method will show that the proposed potential energy indices do not rely on a detailed representation of the network model, making the indices suitable for use in a variety of applications. This method enhances the current capabilities of SIME analysis for pre-fault offline stability studies, but may also be useful for near-real-time stability analysis, owing to the lack of dependence of the proposed potential energy indices on the network parameters. The ability to utilize the proposed indices without the need for network parameters or fault location information, typically obtained from updated SCADA data, potentially allows the proposed method to be applied for real-time stability analysis utilizing only PMU input data.
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