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Title: On the structure of the h-vector of a paving matroid.
Authors: Merino, C
Noble, SD
Ramirez-Ibanez, M
Villarroel-Flores, R
Keywords: H-vector;Paving matroid;0-sequence
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: European Journal of Combinatorics, 33(8): 1787 - 1799, (November 2012)
Abstract: We give two proofs that the h-vector of any paving matroid is a pure 0-sequence, thus answering in the affirmative a conjecture made by Stanley, for this particular class of matroids. We also investigate the problem of obtaining good lower bounds for the number of bases of a paving matroid given its rank and number of elements.
ISSN: 0195-6698
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