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Title: Design of serrate-semi-circular riblets with application to skin friction reduction on engineering surface
Authors: Saravi, SS
Cheng, K
Chong, TP
Vathylakis, A
Keywords: Serrate-Semi-Circular riblet
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Multi-Science Publishing
Citation: International Journal of Flow Control, 2014, 6 pp. 83 - 92
Abstract: Drag reduction in wall-bounded flows can be achieved by the passive flow control technique through the application of bio-inspired riblet surfaces. This paper presents the innovative design of Serrate-Semi-Circular riblet surfaces particularly focusing on the intrinsic relationship between the riblet features and the turbulent boundary layer structure resulting from these surfaces in engineering applications. The available experimental facilities, instrumentation (i.e. hotwire) and measurement techniques (i.e. velocity spectra) have been employed to investigate the boundary layer velocity profiles and skin friction for flat plate and Serrate-Semi-Circular riblet surfaces. Both the simulation and experimental wind tunnel testing results show that the Serrate-Semi-Circular riblet surface can provide 7% drag reduction, which is better than other riblet configurations, such as V and U shaped ones.
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