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Title: Calculating crack extension resistance of concrete based on a new crack propagation criterion
Authors: Dong, W
Wu, Z
Zhou, X
Keywords: Concrete;Initial fracture toughness;Crack propagation criterion;KR-curve;Fracture process zone (FPZ);Crack extension resistance;Complete fracture process
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Construction and Building Materials, 2013, 38 pp. 879 - 889
Abstract: A crack propagation criterion was proposed for model I crack in concrete by using the initial fracture toughness KiniIC as an inherent material property. Based on this criterion, crack begins to propagate when the difference, between the stress intensity factors caused by the applied load KPI and that by the cohesivestress KrI, exceeds KiniIC. Finite element analyses was then carried out to calculate the complete load vs. crack mouth opening displacement (P-CMOD) curve, the critical crack propagation length DaC and the unstable fracture toughness KunIC for notched beams under three-point bending. It was found that numerical results showed a good agreement with the experimental ones. Based on this crack propagation criterion, crack extension resistance, in terms of stress intensity factor, KR being able to consider the variation of fracture process zone (FPZ) was employed for describing crack propagation in concrete. KR is composed of Kini IC and KrI, which is actually equal to the driving action of crack extension. It was concluded that given the elastic modulus E, the uniaxial tensile strength ft, the fracture energy GF and KiniIC, the complete fracture process in concrete and the KR-curve of concrete can be calculated based on the numerical method. Finally, discussion was made on the effects of fracture process zone, GF and specimens geometries on KR-curve.
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ISSN: 0950-0618
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