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Title: Voltage regulation considerations for the design of hybrid distribution transformers
Authors: Radi, MA
Darwish, M
Alqarni, M
Keywords: Low Voltage Networks;Power electronics;Power Quality;Power systems;Resonant controller;Substation transformers;Voltage regulation
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Citation: Proceedings of the Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC 2014), Cluj-Napoca, (2-5 September 2014 )
Abstract: The future substation depends on finding a way to mitigate the effects of the drawbacks of the conventional legacy by employing the efficiency of the solid state switches [1]. This paper discusses the considerations of designing a distribution transformer that provides additional functions in regulating the voltage and controlling the reactive power that is injected in the distribution network, using a fractional rated converter attached partially with the windings of the transformer. This approach aims mainly to enhance the unit with more flexibility in controlling the voltage at the last mile of the network, in order to decrease the losses and meet the future expectations for low voltage networks modifications, and that by using a power electronic (PE) approach has less losses and more functionality (depending on the reliability of transformer and intelligence of PE). The design of a hybrid distribution transformer is detailed and its functionality in regulating the voltage is discussed as a combination between the features of one of the most reliable network devices, the transformer, and the effect of PE existence with less losses in both switching and conduction losses. Reduced ratings PE are used in this approach, whereby the solid state switches are controlled according to the immediate need for voltage control in low voltage (LV) networks.
ISBN: 9781479965571
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