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Title: Naval History by Conspiracy Theory: The British Admiralty before the First World War and the Methodology of Revisionism
Authors: Seligmann, M
Keywords: Royal Navy;First World War;War plan;Sir John Fisher
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Citation: The Journal of Strategic Studies, 38(7): pp. 966–984, (2015)
Abstract: Revisionist interpretations of British naval policy in the Fisher era claim that an elaborate smoke screen was created to hide the Royal Navy’s real policies; while documents showing the true goals were systematically destroyed. By asserting this, revisionists are able to dismiss those parts of the documentary record that contradict their theories, while simultaneously excusing the lack of evidence for their theories by claiming it has been destroyed. This article shows that this methodology is misleading and untenable.
ISSN: 1743-937X
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