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Title: Design of a pulse power supply unit for micro-ECM
Authors: Spieser, A
Ivanov, A
Keywords: Micro-ECM;Micro-manufacturing;Micro-tool;Pulse PSU;Tungsten carbide alloy;Ultrashort pulses
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Springer London
Citation: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, (10 Decmber 2014)
Abstract: Electrochemical micro-machining (μECM) requires a particular pulse power supply unit (PSU) to be developed in order to achieve desired machining performance. This paper summarises the development of a pulse PSU meeting the requirements of μECM. The pulse power supply provides tens of nanosecond pulse duration, positive and negative bias voltages and a polarity switching functionality. It fulfils the needs for tool preparation with reversed pulsed ECM on the machine. Moreover, the PSU is equipped with an ultrafast overcurrent protection which prevents the tool electrode from being damaged in case of short circuits. The developed pulse PSU was used to fabricate micro-tools out of 170 μm WC-Co alloy shafts via micro-electrochemical turning and drill deep holes via μECM in a disk made of 18NiCr6. The electrolyte used for both processes was a mixture of sulphuric acid and NaNO3 aqueous solutions.
ISSN: 0268-3768
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