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Title: Private military and security companies, territoriality and the transformation of western security governance
Authors: Krahmann, E
Keywords: Security governance;Military and security companies;Europe and North America
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Citation: The Diffusion of Authority? Changing Patterns of International Governance. 38–70, (October 2012)
Abstract: The field of security governance holds a special place within the context of the debate over the diffusion of power from state to non-state actors, from national to international authorities and from governments to markets in Western democracies. Not only has the provision of the ‘public good’ security been considered one of the main functions of government, but also has it played a major role in justifying the centralization of power and authority within and by the nation-state (Krahmann, 2010; Leander 2006). The contemporary proliferation of private military and security companies, i.e. companies that sell armed and non-armed security services to public and private customers, poses a particular challenge to state-centric notions of national and global governance. This chapter seeks to examine the consequences of the diffusion of security governance functions among military and security companies in Europe and North America.
ISBN: 9780230302778
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