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Title: UK Research Information Shared Service (UKRISS) Final Report, July 2014
Authors: Waddington, S
Joerg, B
Jones, R
McDonald, D
Gartner, R
Ritchie, M
Scoble, R
Sudlow, A
Tolev, E
Trowell, S
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: JISC
Citation: Waddington, Simon, Joerg, Brigitte, Jones, Richard, McDonald, Diane, Gartner, Richard, Ritchie, Monique, Scoble , Rosa, Sudlow, Allan, Tolev, Emanuil and Trowell, Stephen (2014) UK Research Information Shared Service (UKRISS) Final Report, 2014
Abstract: The reporting of research information is a complex and expensive activity for research organisations (ROs). There is little alignment between funders of the reporting requests made to institutions and requests made to individual researchers about their research outputs and outcomes. This inevitably results in duplication and increased costs across the sector, whilst limiting the potential sharing and reuse of the information. The UK Research Information Shared Service (UKRISS) project conducted a feasibility and scoping study for the reporting of research information at a national level based on CERIF (Common European Research Information Format), with the objective of increasing efficiency, productivity and quality across the sector. The aim was to define and prototype solutions which are compelling, easy to use, have a low entry barrier, and support innovative information sharing and benchmarking. CERIF has emerged as the preferred format for expressing research information across Europe. To date, CERIF has been piloted for specific applications, but not as a format for reporting requirements across all UK ROs. The final report presents the work carried out by the UKRISS project, including requirements gathering, modelling and prototyping, as well as recommendation for sustainability. UKRISS was divided into two phases. Phase 1, mapping the reporting landscape, ran from March 2012 to December 2012. Phase 2, exploring delivery of potential solutions, began in February 2013 and ended in December 2013.
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