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Title: "Ladder" structure in tonal noise generated by laminar flow around an airfoil
Authors: Chong, TP
Joseph, PF
Keywords: “ladder” structure;airfoil tonal noise
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Journal of American Society of Acoustics, 131:6, pp. EL461 - EL467, 2012
Abstract: The presence of a “ladder” structure in the airfoil tonal noise was discovered in the 1970s, but its mechanism hitherto remains a subject of continual investigation in the research community. Based on the measured noise results and some numerical analysis presented in this letter, the variations of four types of airfoil tonal noise frequencies with the flow velocity were analyzed individually. The ladder structure is proposed to be caused by the acoustic/hydrodynamic frequency lag between the scattering of the boundary layer instability noise and the discrete noise produced by an aeroacoustic feedback loop.
ISSN: 1529-7853
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