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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Yb-Fibre laser welding of 6 mm duplex stainless steel 2205Hobson, PR; Cashell, KA; Bolut, M; Kong, CY; Blackburn, J
2017Yb-Fibre laser welding of 6 mm duplex stainless steel 2205Bolut, M; Kong, C; Blackburn, J; Cashell, KA; Hobson, PH
2016Yb-Fibre laser welding of 6 mm duplex stainless steel 2205Bolut, M; Kong, KY; Blackburn, J; Cashell, KA; Hobson, P
2007Year 6 children – has the new British Mathematics curriculum helped their mental computation?Ineson, G
2013Yeast gene CMR1/YDL156W is consistently co-expressed with genes participating in DNA-metabolic processes in a variety of stringent clustering experimentsAbu-Jamous, B; Fa, R; Roberts, DJ; Nandi, AK
2011Yes, research can inform health policy; but can we bridge the 'Do-Knowing It's Been Done' gap?Hanney, S; Gonzalez-Block, MA
2012You and your development: Research managers and administratorsLines, L; BRAM-NET
2003‘You cannot show me’: Two Tudor Coronation Processions, Shakespeare’s King Henry VIII and the Staging of Anne BoleynLeahy, WJ
2014You get what you (don’t) pay for: The impact of volunteer labour and candidate spending at the 2010 British general electionFisher, J; Johnston, R; Cutts, D; Pattie, C; Fieldhouse, E
2017“You started something…then I continued by myself”: A qualitative study of physical activity maintenancewahlich, C; Beighton, C; Normansell, R; Cook, D; Kerry, S; Iliffe, S; Ussher, M; Whincup, P; Fox-Rushby, J; Limb, E; Harris, T
2011'You were quiet - I did all the marching': Research processes involved in hearing the voices of South Asian girlsLudhra, G; Chappell, A
2002Young AIDS Migrants in Southern AfricaAnsell, N; Young, L
2003Young AIDS migrants in Southern Africa: Policy implications for empowering childrenYoung, L; Ansell, N
2017Young bodies, power and resistance: a new materialist perspectiveAlldred, P; Fox, NJ
2006Young caregivers in the context of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan AfricaRobson, E; Ansell, N; Huber, U; Gould, WTS; van Blerk, L
1997Young measures in a nonlocal phase transition problemWinter, M; Ren, X
2004Young people and illicit drug use: A health promotion model to differentiate abstinence or recreational drug use from misuseAllen, Deborah
2014Young people learning through play: Some observations from a science museumKanhadilok, P; Watts, DM
2013Young people's uses of celebrity: Class, gender and 'improper' celebrityMendick, H
2008Young people’s and employers’ perceptions of equal opportunities in the world of workMalhi, Harshinder Kaur