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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Assessment of paint appearance quality in the automotive industryKang, Hai-zhuang
2016Average surface roughness evaluation using 3-source photometric stereo techniqueSomthong, T; Yang, Q
2015Calibration error analysis of inertially stabilized platforms using quaternions and octonions in rotation decompositionTang, Q; Wang, X; Yang, Q; Liu, F
2017Design of control system using electric cylinder for automated measurement of bearing shell crush heightSun, C; Jiang, Y; Yang, Q
2012Design, implementation, and testing of advanced virtual coordinate-measuring machinesHu, Y; Yang, Q; Sun, X
2009Development of a novel virtual coordinate measuring machineHu, Y; Yang, Q; Wei, P
2017Development of a Scalable and Sustainable High Performance CounterCurrent Chromatography (HPCCC) Purification for Spinosyn A and Spinosyn D from SpinosadYang, Q; Bright, C; Edwards, NA; Harris, GH; Kaur, S; Wood, PL; Hewitson, P; Ignatova, S
2012Development of novel design methodology for product mass customization based on human attributes and cognitive behavioursWang, Huanhuan
2016Error compensation and uncertainty evaluation of CMMs based on kinematic error models and gaussian processesSalacheep, Panadda
2015Evaluation of material surface profiling methods: contact versus non-contactJaturunruangsri, Supaporn
2015An integration of Lean Six Sigma and Health and Safety Management System in Saudi Broadcasting CorporationAlharthi, Adel Aifan
2016Integration of lean six sigma with multi agent systems in the food distribution industry in small to medium enterprisesAlgassem, Fahed Suliman
2010Investigation and development of an advanced virtual coordinate measuring machineHu, Yang
2016Optimisation of costs and carbon savings in relation to the economic dispatch problem as associated with power system operationLau, ET; Yang, Q; Taylor, GA; Forbes, AB; Wright, PS; Livina, VN
2013Optimization of the design of ducted-fan hovering micro air vehicles using finite element simulation and orthogonal designYu, Y; Yang, Q; Wang, X; Wang, J
2016Quantification of carbon emissions and savings in smart gridsEng Tseng, Lau
2014Regulation and optimization methodology for smart grid in Chinese electric grid operators using quality function deployment, equilibrium theory, fractal theory and mathematical programmingWang, Chen
2009Web and knowledge-based decision support system for measurement uncertainty evaluationWei, Peng