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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Combustion characteristics of a single decane/ethanol emulsion droplet and a droplet group under puffing conditionsXia, J; Shinjo, J
2015Development of a hybrid multi-scale simulation approach for spray processesZhou, L; Xia, J; Shinjo, J; Cairns, A; Cruff, L; Blaxill, H
2014Droplet/ligament modulation of local small-scale turbulence and scalar mixing in a dense fuel sprayShinjo, J; Xia, J; Umemura, A
2013Inert-droplet and combustion effects on turbulence in a diluted diffusion flameXia, J; Zhao, H; Megaritis, A; Luo, KH; Cairns, A; Ganippa, LC
2017Large-eddy simulation of pilot-assisted pulverized-coal combustion in a weakly turbulent JetWan, K; Xia, J; Wang, Z; Pourkashanian, M; Cen, K
-Modeling temperature distribution inside an emulsion fuel droplet under convective heating: A key to predicting microexplosion and puffingShinjo, J; Xia, J; Megaritis, A; Ganippa, LC; Cracknell, RF
2017Modelling alkali metal emissions in large-eddy simulation of a preheated pulverised-coal turbulent jet flame using tabulated chemistryXia, J; Vervisch, L; Liu, Y; Wang, Z; Cen, K
2018Multi-point LIBS measurement and kinetics modeling of sodium release from a burning Zhundong coal particleLiu, Y; He, Y; Wang, Z; Wan, K; Xia, J; Liu, J; Cen, K
2014Numerical analysis of a downsized 2-stroke uniflow engineMa, J; Zhao, H; Freeland, P; Hawley, M; Xia, J
2014Physics of puffing and microexplosion of emulsion fuel dropletsShinjo, J; Xia, J; Ganippa, LC; Megaritis, A
2016Puffing and micro-explosion of diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blendsAvulapati, MM; GANIPPA, LC; Xia, J; Megaritis, A
2016Puffing-enhanced fuel/air mixing of an evaporating n-decane/ethanol emulsion droplet and a droplet group under convective heatingShinjo, J; Xia, J; Ganippa, LC; Megaritis, A