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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The effect of proton damage on the X-ray spectral response of MOS CCDs for the swift X-ray telescopeAmbrosi, RM; Short, A; Abbey, AF; Wells, A; Smith, D
2003The impact of low energy proton damage on the operational characteristics of EPIC-MOS CCDsAmbrosi, RM; Smith, DR; Abbey, AF; Hutchinson, IB; Kendziorra, E; Short, A; Holland, AD; Turner, MJL; Wells, A
2012Sarcoidosis and tuberculosis cytokine profiles: Indistinguishable in bronchoalveolar lavage but different in bloodThillai, M; Eberhardt, C; Lewin, AM; Potiphar, L; Hingley-Wilson, S; Sridhar, S; Macintyre, J; Kon, OM; Wickremasinghe, M; Wells, A; Weeks, ME; Mitchell, D; Lalvani, A