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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Aeroacoustic and aerodynamic performances of an aerofoil subjected to sinusoidal leading edgesChong, TP; Vathylakis, A; McEwen, A; Kemsley, F; Muhammad, C; Siddiqi, S
2016Aeroacoustic and flow assessments of the poro-serrated trailing edgesChong, TP; Dubois, E; Vathylakis, A
2014Design of a low-noise aeroacoustic wind tunnel facility at Brunel UniversityVathylakis, A; Chong, TP; Kim, JH
2014Design of serrate-semi-circular riblets with application to skin friction reduction on engineering surfaceSaravi, SS; Cheng, K; Chong, TP; Vathylakis, A
2015On the aeroacoustic and flow structures developed on a flat plate with a serrated sawtooth trailing edgeChong, TP; Vathylakis, A
2015Poro-Serrated trailing edge devices for airfoil self-noise reductionVathylakis, A; Chong, TP; Joseph, PF
2013Self-noise produced by an airfoil with nonflat plate trailing-edge serrationsChong, TP; Vathylakis, A; Joseph, PF; Gruber, M
2016Sensitivity of aerofoil self noise reductions to serration flap anglesVathylakis, A; Chong, TP; Paruchuri, C; Joseph, PF
2014Trailing Edge Noise Reduction by Passive and Active Flow ControlsKim, JH; Al-Sadawi, L; Vathylakis, A; Chong, TP